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Name: Mr. Wang
Tel: +86-23-67797521, 67797522
Fax: +86-23-67635225
Add: 23-18 South Tower of Century Emperor Building, Hongqihegou, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China

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CHINA CHONGQING UNITED TECHNOLOGY INC. Founded in 2002, our automotive parts company has grown quickly because of our product quality, business integrity, and outstanding customer support.

Not like the traditional parts sourcing company, we add value to our product line by acting as your manufacturing liaison and consultant. We offer specialized communications, sourcing and project management services to ensure that your orders are well-managed, carefully tracked and delivered.

The results we achieve for our business partners are:

• Significant reduction of procurement costs, and
• Strong business relationships that deliver.

Our strong engineering experience in aluminum and iron parts, along with a solid understanding of our customer’s PPAP (Level 3) requirements, manufacturing processes, quality control and measurement requirements, and our vendor’s output capabilities enable us to lead in our market of die-casting, permanent mold casting, investment casting, sand casting and semi-liquid die forging, precision machining parts.

We have helped our customers source tens of millions of USD in OEM parts from local vendors with excellent results.

We supply companies such as

• Haldex Brake Products Corp.
• MGM Brake
• Stanadyne Automotive, USA
• Polaris Industry Inc, USA
• Kawasaki Motors Mfg Corp. USA
• Youngers & Sons, USA
• Ramsey winch USA

Our products include (yet are not limited to):

• All kind of casting, stamping & forging with precision machining, heat treatment and surface treatment
• Motorcycle parts or engine SKD/CKD package
• Cast iron enameled parts for kitchen or construction
• Brake chambers and pistons for truck and trailer systems
• Fuel injection pumps parts, fuel/oil filter parts
• Transmission housings, gears, shaft, piston 
• Engine side covers, small engine crankcase, cylinder head, flywheel housing ,cylinder liners, Hydraulic lifter, camshafts etc..
• Clutch system inertial rings
• Control rods
• Ductile cable drums,
• Starters & alternators assemble and related components
• Rubber and plastic parts, oil seals and gaskets

Chongqing is a beautiful city surrounded by mountain and two rivers Yangtze and Jialing meet in the downtown. It locates in upper reach of famous three-gorge. As municipality directly under the Central Government with 32 million population, the world largest city but you might never heard before, we wish you would have your team knowing, we are convenient to travel by air, railway and ship. Meanwhile, our city produce more than 5 million units motorcycle and extra 10 million small gasoline engine, automotive output is over 1 million in 2008. Ford, Isuzu, Suzuki, Brigs & Stratton, Yamaha have their own plant or JV here, we can source many parts in this area

Our main products including Casting, Stamping & Forging, Rubber & Plastic Parts, Automotive Starter & Alternators, Motorcycle Parts, Automotive Parts, Enameled Parts, etc. Please click the button to view more general products information