Aluminum alloy parts


Aluminium permanent mold, gravity casting, low pressure die-castings might be our opportunies to cooperate each other.

The pictures shows the type of permanent mold castings our foundry is making.

Send us your print and specifications for our offer, we will be very good at supplying OEM customer for cylinder head, elbow, intake manifold, oil pan, pump body etc…

Process technology: Aluminum Permanent Mold Cast, Machining, Pressure Test, Shot Blast, Assembly, Impregnation, Passivation, Powder Coat. T6 heat treatment, Anodizing, Painting;
Part Manufacture Equipment: Gravity Casting Machine,Low pressure casting machine,Sand Core Making Machine,Central smelting furnace,CNC machining centers, CNC lathe, drilling machine;
Typical Weight: 50g—15kg for gravity casting, 50g to 60kg for low pressure casting;
Material: A356, A357, ZL107, ZL117, ZL111 etc
Capacity: 8000 to 10,000 ton/year
Quality Systems: ISO9001:2002, TS16949