Gears and shafts


We provide a variety of gears and shafts, most of them are OEM products. Please send us your drawings if you are
interested in finding a reliable supplier in China.


Process technology: Forging, Machining, Shot Peening, Heat treatment, Assembly, Automatic Gear Production line from forging to finished Gear, Stamping, Drawing, Magnet(ACG)Assembly;
Manufacture Equipment:Forging press, Pre-heating machine, Ipsen multi-purpose heat treatment furnace, Machining
centers, (HAAS), CNC lathe, High precision Gear grinding machine (Reishauer and KAPP), Gear hobbling machine, Broaching machine, Honing machine, high speed automatic fine puncher;
Material: 45#,35SiMn,40Cr,40CrNi,40MnB,40CrMo, 20Cr20CrNiMo,20CrMnTi、20MnB、20CrMnTo
Quality Systems: ISO9001:2002, TS16949, ISO14000


Process technology: Machining,(turning, milling, drilling & grinding), Sub-micron grade Capability, heat treatment;
Part Manufacture Equipment: Ion nitriding machine, High frequency induction harden machine, Mesh belt quench machine, Industry resistance furnace, CNC lathe, CNC center, CNC Mill, Automatic CNC, Drilling center (CNC Deep Hole Drilling), Machining center, Knurling &Spline rolling machine, Gear Hobbing machine, CNC Spline Roll Forming Machine, Honing
machine, Kinds of Grinding machine (OD&ID Grinding, CNC plane Grinding, Double-face Grinding, Four-Axis CNC Forming, Grinding, Centerless Grinding), Superfine belt sander, Double end lapping machine, Polish machine, Ultra-sonic cleaning equipment;
Typical Dimensions: OD ɸ5 -ɸ50mm Length 5 – 500 mm, OD: Tolerance: 0.0025mm; Roughness: Ra0.05um, Mr90%, Circularity: 0.0006mm; Straightness: 0.0006mm, ID: Tolerance: 0.005mm; Roughness: Ra0.1um, Circularity: 0.003mm; Straightness: 0.003mm
Material: Q235, Q275,1035,4140,4150,1050,40Cr,40MnB,30CrMnSi,35CrMo,40CrNiMo,20Cr,20CrMnTi,9Mn2v, GCr15,50CrMoA
Quality Systems: ISO9001:2002, TS16949