Metal Parts and Machined Parts


We supply a variety of metal parts, include cast parts,casting parts,forging,polishing,cutting,Iron parts,stainless steel parts,lost wax casting parts,etc. These parts can be provide in either workblank or precision machined.

For lost wax/investment castings parts, both water glass process and silica sol process are available for meeting
customer cost or quality target.

We supply casting weight 0.1kg to 20kg.

Please refer the typical parts we’re supplying to customers in Italy, USA and Canada.

Process technology: silica sol loss wax technology, Combined Water glass and silica sol technology Machining, Shot Blast, Sand Blast, Passivation, painting, heat treatment, Green Sand Casting, Air Set, Shell Mold Casting, Resin Sand Casting;
Part Manufacture Equipment: Wax injection machine,Wax recycle machine, Wax deposit tank, Vacuum smelting furnace, Medium-frequency induction furnace,Shell Baking furnace, shot blasting and sand blasting machine, Vacuum heat treat furnace, CNC Centers,CNC lathe,Wire-electrode cutting, CNC engraving and milling machine,Drilling machine,Flat grinder;
Typical Weight: 3g-30kg
Tolerance level: ISO 8062(casting),CT4-CT6
Roughness(casting): Ra3.2 ~ Ra6.3
Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Perception hardening CRES and Maraging Steel
Quality Systems: ISO 9001:2002, TS 16949, ISO14000, CQI-9